Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph, 26th February 2012.

New strobe sirens fitted to police cars are so bright they are blinding motorists and causing road accidents, and inspector has claimed.

The serving inspector – whose popular Inspector Gadget blog is read by thousands each month – said the new flashing lights on patrol cars were so bright they ‘disorientate’ other drivers.

Although the force the inspector works for has never been revealed, it is believed to be in one of the counties around London – which he calls Ruralshire on his blog.

He stated on his blog last week that a new fleet of police cars in his area had been kitted out with the lights after bosses bought in ‘cheap family cars’ to replace more expensive patrol cars.

He says the new cars, ordered by bosses ‘in charge of choosing the new national procurement standard police vehicles’ had ‘forgotten to talk to patrol officers first’ – saying the new motors are unsuitable for police work.

He lists a string of ‘inadequacies’ of the new cars, but states that his ‘personal favourite’ was the bright lights as he witnessed them causing havoc himself.