Gadget Identity?

Brighton Argus, 20th April 2011.

Is Inspector Gadget a secret Sussex officer?

A self-styled Inspector Gadget has left a trail of clues which could lead to the ranks of Sussex Police.

The anonymous whistleblower, who has named himself after the famous cartoon hero, has written a series of blogs lifting the lid on the workings of the police in the South East.

A number of recent clues in his posts have led to speculation he is referring to the Sussex force.

Sussex Police refused to comment on his identity but suggested the evidence would not stand up in court.

Inspector Gadget describes himself as a former serviceman, who was barred from wearing medal ribbons, but encouraged to wear “Gay Pride badges”.

He also referred to a ban on radios being played in stations – “on the grounds they could not afford the £20,000 fee under new licensing regulations”.

Last year it was revealed that Sussex Police was planning to save £23,000 by stopping its licence payments to the Performing Rights Society.

Sussex Police sources pointed out the differences in the amounts paid, the fact that there are dozens of Pride events held around the country, and other differences between the fictional force and Sussex.