Police National Bravery Awards winner was saved by TASER

The 2012 Police National Bravery Awards winner was saved by TASER after being repeatedly stabbed by a mental health patient. This incident sums up British policing really.

The officer from Hampshire Police was deployed to assist social services ‘section’ a man under the mental health act.

On arriving at the scene PC Stypulkowski spotted the male and gave chase but became separated from his colleagues and found himself on a quiet and dark road.

Despite using spray and a baton to defend himself, PC Stypulkowski was pulled to the ground, his jacket was hauled over his head disabling his vision and he was repeatedly stabbed.

The assailant ran off when another officer arrived at the scene and both had to give chase. Pc Stypulkowski was forced to used the gas spray again when the man leapt out from a car, brandishing the weapon and shouting “I’m going to kill you”.

The other officer deployed his TASER and the man was arrested.

So here are our three favourite themes rolled in to one incident.

1. He was present to ‘section’ a person, so his stated mission to ‘cut crime, nothing more’ was clearly being breached.

2. His tin of pepper and aluminium stick were useless against a determined offender.

3. A successful TASER deployment saved his life.

PC Stypulkowski, who was presented with his award by Home Secretary Theresa May. There is no record of whether they discussed his increased pension contributions, his reduced pension benefits, his wages freeze or whether he has tattoos or A’Levels.

Gadget Note: An example of media anti-police bias – Colin Farmer 272 news articles on Google, PC Stypulkowski 21 news articles on Google