George Dixon wouldn’t have stood for this crap!


Here, as Rodgers and Hammerstein once wrote, are some of my favourite things.


Favourite Colour: Blue


Favourite Book: 1984, George Orwell.


Favourite Film: The Great Escape


Overall Favourite Quote:


“I am no Inspector Gadget”


Tim Godwin OBE QPM, Dep Commissioner, Met Police .


Favourite Quote about me:


“He is not an Inspector”


Nick Herbert, former Police Minister.


Favourite Ludicrous Quote:


“Let me make this clear, your mission is to cut crime, nothing more”


Theresa May, Home Secretary.


Favourite Policing Quote:


“Only merit, not gender, ethnicity or anything else should be criterion for advancement in policing”


Tom Winsor, HMIC.


Favourite Policing Facts:


We are unarmed
We lock up more criminals than any other European country
Our prisons are full
Crime has fallen each year for the last decade
A British police officer is assaulted every 20 minutes
We are accountable to five separate organisations


Abandoning the ‘Beat System’ was seen as ‘Police Reform’ at the time.


Favourite Song Lyrics:


The first four lines of ‘Knives Out’ by Radiohead.